Applications - boxes
Retailers of alcoholic beverages use the VacuEasylift to handle boxes, crates and kegs.

These units are equipped with a specially designed handle and are delivered with lightweight, lowbuilt aluminium jib cranes and crane systems.

Products - boxes
On customer demand: "We need a smmall VacuEasylift that will grip boxes goods from all sides, rapid as a cobra!"
Our small but innervate VacuEasylift load carrying 30/40/50kg, to lift from cartons, vats, cheese, bursas, stones,... It is in short, length and stainless steel achievement.
Capacity: 40 kg
Maximum Lifting Height: 1380 mm
Weight of unit: 20 kg
Projects & References - boxes
Here we have a crane system with 12m crane runwaylength and 2 bridges with every 6m length mounted.

Of a bridge we have a VacuEasylift Saystem for monitors, on the second bridge a Tawi Hoist System the that lift the keyboards incl. special-grapple to implement.
The customer packaged steel-part by a packaged-machine, does this over a trundle-tape to a end-position.

And now woll our Vacu Cobra set in.
In the foodstuffs industry commodity is packed in cardboards.

Here we lift in the cardboards with a VacuEasy evelator model VM120 off the conveyor on the pallet.

Here the room height was limited on 2,9m.
Here we solve with a special gripper the handling of toiletts in cartons and than we handling the cartons with the same gripper.


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