Applications - Car industry
For the car industry the parts must always fast and secure to become sophisticated and manipulated.

For this you can with our systems prefer good, simple and efficient solution
Products - Car industry
Our small but innervate VacuEasylift load carrying 30/40/50kg, to lift from cartons, vats, cheese, bursas, stones,... It is in short, length and stainless steel achievement.
Projects & References - Car industry
There in the automobilindustry always more faster and economy handling important is, and a 100% failover-guarantee must get warranted.

Are our product here on the right place of action - many years experience our suppliers the firm TAWI is here a very important point the complete handling-system.
Here move we a steelrailsystem a compressed air controlled cable control hoist.

By a ergonomics and a simply ply from exhaustparts to guarantee, have we a specialgrapper for our customer special manufactured.

In this appliance become by a automobiltankcreation tankhalves potted.

Also the manufacture tank will with the gripper excluded and of a wain laying.

Where then the next installations will shoved.
In this project will the already together-welded tank in a sewar contrivance for the weld on the filler tube potted.

We have us for the VacuEasyLift Type VM120 resolutely, raound here a ergonomic and economy liftsystem to set in.
Round a automobilcar from a transporttrack in a sequenzierrack to restack we our Vacu Easy Lift and a Lyftman installation to set in.
We lift here with a TawiHoist inkl. special gripper automobile seats of a mounting line of a transporttrack.
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