Applications - barrel
Also barrels can be handled with various solutions.

With our standard program we are able to handle barrels up to 260kg.

Our solutions are always adapted on customer requirements.


Products - barrel
On customer demand: "We need a smmall VacuEasylift that will grip boxes goods from all sides, rapid as a cobra!"
Our small but innervate VacuEasylift load carrying 30/40/50kg, to lift from cartons, vats, cheese, bursas, stones,... It is in short, length and stainless steel achievement.
Our VacuEasylifts, load carrying 180 kg, to lift from vats, plates,...
Capacity: 200 kg
Maximum Lifting Height: 1787 mm
Weight of unit: 113 kg
Capacity: 130 kg
Maximum Lifting Height: 2030 mm (centre)
Weight of unit: 148 kg
Projects & References - barrel
Here we have handling of canister allivated at the filling.

The customer uncovers with a wall jib arm the above of a mobile basal plate mounted the work area.
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