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With our Liftingsystems plates up to 270kg can be handled without troubles.

The Lyftman Monorail system is an excellent solution for straight production lines, in this case mounted on a portal system.

Products - panels
Our VacuEasylifts, load carrying 100/120kg, to lift from vats, stones, cartons, cheese, plates,...
Our VacuEasylifts, load carrying 120/160 kg to lift from vats, plates,...
Our VacuEasylifts, load carrying 270kg to lift from cartons, vats, cheese, bursas,stones, plates, ...
The variable configuration of cross arms and suction plates can easily and quickly be adapted to the transport requirement.

As standard, our devices are equipped for smooth, plane materials.

The suspension eye is suitable for all common crane systems. Optionally, we can supply suction plates which are suitable for checker, nipple and padded plates or other structured surfaces.
Projects & References - panels
Here is our biggest Vacu Easy Lift in ante.

The VM300 with a max. liftcapacity from 270kg. Sooner have the employees with 4-6 person the heaviness plates from the machine of a batch hewed.

Now with our Vacu Easy Lift VM300 and a one-way-rail from LYFTMAN make it one person.
Over and over again we set also in modern joinery hoisting technology project to.

Customer the worth of ergonomics and healthy work your employees as very important feeling, profit always more our VacuEasylift Systeme.

Many years signalizes our VacuEasyLift System.
Here we lift a metalplate with very rough, cast plating.

The steel sheet become turn to another plate hoisted of a conveyor belt.

Mounted is the installation of a column with a 3m aluminiumoutrigger.
With this project solar steet metals are lifted after the perspiration-procedure including pipes.

With a VM120 and a column swiveling crane made of aluminium we could suggest a simple and economical solution to our customers.
For assembling a CNC maschine is here a VM 200 - Vacu Easy Lift in kombination with a pillar jib crane in use.

A fast ventilation element make a quick unfasten of light plates possible.
We lift a VM120 VacuEasylift elements from pack to processing desks resp. from pack to conveyor belt.

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