Applications - bags
Manual bag handling is extremely heavy and has therefore become one of the top ten most popular applications with VacuEasylift.

The VM160 handels bags up to 60 kg which covers practically all bags handled in food and chemical industries.

Products - bags
Our small but innervate VacuEasylift load carrying 30/40/50kg, to lift from cartons, vats, cheese, bursas, stones,... It is in short, length and stainless steel achievement.
Our VacuEasylift, load carrying 60 and 80 kg to lift from cartons, vats cheese, bursas, stones, plates,...
Projects & References - bags
By a farmer, there for other farmers pumpkins from the field harvest, and as potboil the pumpkin seeds launders, dry and again in the sacks to the various customer sales return, have we a VacuEasyLift System to lift the sacks installed.
In connection with a LYFTMAN alu-outrigger can be the necessary work area to cover clean.
Here we have the job, to do the sackhandling to faciliate.

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