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On customer demand: "We need a smmall VacuEasylift that will grip boxes goods from all sides, rapid as a cobra!"
VacuCobra is our newcomer within lifting equipment for boxed goods:

Ergonomically designed to fit all.

A bottom swivel and an angle adapter ensures full freedom of motion when gripping the load.

The quick-release function makes sure that no time is wasted when releasing the load.

A light weight jib crane with arm in aluminium provides safe, smooth and quiet operation.

Thus the VacuCobra was created. Handling goods up to 35 kg and lift heights up to 1,8 m (1,55 m standard).
VacuCobra is the latest model in our VacuEasylift product range.

Rotate the goods - not the complete lift unit - to achieve highest possible precision.

2. Adjustable grip
The fingertip controls can be moved from right to left side of the handle. Adjustmen in seconds.

3. Lift from the side
The suction cup will secure the goods safely from the side as well as from the top.

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