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Our current projects
Here we have a crane system with 12m crane runwaylength and 2 bridges with every 6m length mounted.

Of a bridge we have a VacuEasylift Saystem for monitors, on the second bridge a Tawi Hoist System the that lift the keyboards incl. special-grapple to implement.
Here we handle boxes until to a weight from max. 40kg.

A integrated balancesfacilities show that the weight the box from a fidelity from 0,05kg on.

The muddled round the work area happens with a LYFTMAN railsystem L x B =16m x 7m.
Over and over again we set also in modern joinery hoisting technology project to.

Customer the worth of ergonomics and healthy work your employees as very important feeling, profit always more our VacuEasylift Systeme.

Many years signalizes our VacuEasyLift System.
By a farmer, there for other farmers pumpkins from the field harvest, and as potboil the pumpkin seeds launders, dry and again in the sacks to the various customer sales return, have we a VacuEasyLift System to lift the sacks installed.
In connection with a LYFTMAN alu-outrigger can be the necessary work area to cover clean.
The Lyftman LR-System is mounted on the blanket.

The trial the chain hoists happened per hand, the liftmotion means a chain hoists, controllable about a tax-pear.
In the project is economy and simple usability on strairhead place was typed.

With a vacuumjack and a infinitely variable controllable chain hoist we lift max. 120 kg.
Here we lift a metalplate with very rough, cast plating.

The steel sheet become turn to another plate hoisted of a conveyor belt.

Mounted is the installation of a column with a 3m aluminiumoutrigger.
The customer packaged steel-part by a packaged-machine, does this over a trundle-tape to a end-position.

And now woll our Vacu Cobra set in.
To lift and to grip from heat sink unit with max. 100 kg own weight.

Mounted of a railsystem incl. steelunderconstruction.

Crane system 20 m x 5,675 m - manual relocatable.

Hubspeed infinitely variable max. 12 m / min
At this project we lift a frequency converter from assembly line up verifyplaces and thence to dispatch buffer square.

The liftingfunction takes over a hoselifting gear the types VM300. Around the work area can to mask will be a LYFTMAN railsystem with the length from 31m and the bridgewide from 5,4m set in.
Here you can see that we lift aluiniumtorso wih max. 30kg own weight.

The aluparts become of a plains area sucked in, and from the palette of a componentmachine hoisted, where the part to become proceed-wrought.
In this appliance become by a automobiltankcreation tankhalves potted.

Also the manufacture tank will with the gripper excluded and of a wain laying.

Where then the next installations will shoved.
In this project will the already together-welded tank in a sewar contrivance for the weld on the filler tube potted.

We have us for the VacuEasyLift Type VM120 resolutely, raound here a ergonomic and economy liftsystem to set in.
With this plant we have make our customer the lift from max. 35 kg easy.

The Vacu Cobra sucks on and lift in one process.
The manipulator amounts in this apüplication 200 kg - less the weight the suckmat, was the net sucktion narrow of 80 kg.

With our manipulator from vand conveyor to become 260 piece 300 g glasses upscale and layers to arbitrate of the pallets.

Round the situation the glasses the first that comes along to fashion and the secure optimal to deign, we have a special vaccuumsuckmat in stake.
Round a automobilcar from a transporttrack in a sequenzierrack to restack we our Vacu Easy Lift and a Lyftman installation to set in.
Here was a commission station with a scale realized.

On this station plates with dimensions 3m x 1,5m become piled.
It´s also possible to lift corrugated plates and pass partiton plates.
For assembling a CNC maschine is here a VM 200 - Vacu Easy Lift in kombination with a pillar jib crane in use.

A fast ventilation element make a quick unfasten of light plates possible.
With this project solar steet metals are lifted after the perspiration-procedure including pipes.

With a VM120 and a column swiveling crane made of aluminium we could suggest a simple and economical solution to our customers.
In the foodstuffs industry commodity is packed in cardboards.

Here we lift in the cardboards with a VacuEasy evelator model VM120 off the conveyor on the pallet.

Here the room height was limited on 2,9m.
Shower panels get lifted up from a conveyor belt, to cover the working area the lifting System is combinated with an aluminium pillar jib crane with a 5m arm.
Here we have handling of canister allivated at the filling.

The customer uncovers with a wall jib arm the above of a mobile basal plate mounted the work area.
Our problem was plateshandling to pack of a machine to faciliate.
Here we solve with a special gripper the handling of toiletts in cartons and than we handling the cartons with the same gripper.

Here we have the job, to do the sackhandling to faciliate.
We lift here with a TawiHoist inkl. special gripper automobile seats of a mounting line of a transporttrack.
We lift a VM120 VacuEasylift elements from pack to processing desks resp. from pack to conveyor belt.
Here move we a steelrailsystem a compressed air controlled cable control hoist.

By a ergonomics and a simply ply from exhaustparts to guarantee, have we a specialgrapper for our customer special manufactured.

Siemens Verkehrstechnik producing trains with high niveau.

Handhabungstechnik WInter delivers for Siemens a vacuumjack, the freelance from anyway battery eliminated funtion with accu.

The jack is until datto ca, 2 yeras in ante and function trouble-free.
There in the automobilindustry always more faster and economy handling important is, and a 100% failover-guarantee must get warranted.

Are our product here on the right place of action - many years experience our suppliers the firm TAWI is here a very important point the complete handling-system.
Vacuumtraverse with accu and arkstation max. load capacity for 1200kg stainless steel plates.

With 10 suckplates and remote control of spiralcable.

Ro remount in the cranehook resp. in the lift-truck-gables for the commissioning on the storeplace.
Here is our biggest Vacu Easy Lift in ante.

The VM300 with a max. liftcapacity from 270kg. Sooner have the employees with 4-6 person the heaviness plates from the machine of a batch hewed.

Now with our Vacu Easy Lift VM300 and a one-way-rail from LYFTMAN make it one person.
Round the form out the machine to lift and can to ply, would he a suspension crane installation (L x B = 12,4m x 3m) installed.

For the hubmotion serves a chain hoist with 2 celerities.

The relocate the chain hoists function manual.
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